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Dr Joanne Stocks

Dr Joanne Stocks is Assistant Professor in Sport and Exercise Medicine in the Department of Orthopaedics, Trauma and Sports Medicine at the University of Nottingham. She teaches on the MSc Sports and Exercise Medicine and MSc Applied Sports and Exercise Medicine courses and is currently convenor for the ‘Research Methods for Sports and Exercise Medicine’ and ‘Common Sporting Injuries: An Evidence Base’ modules.

As a member of the NIHR Nottingham BRC Musculoskeletal theme she has a research interest in the area of healthy ageing, focusing on the role of nutrition in frailty, osteoarthritis and pain. Joanne is also developing a cohort to investigate the effect of exercise training and physical activity on gut microbiome diversity in different UK populations.

Joanne is PI on a study funded to look at gut microbiome diversity in athletes as well as Co-I of a study of recreational runners, their injuries, performance and Covid-19. In addition, she is leading the development of an app to monitor the local population during Covid-19 restrictions and was co-moderator of the community participation working group creating the Research Data Alliance’s Covid-19  Recommendations and Guidelines.

In addition, Joanne is working on a number of projects as a member of Pain Centre Versus Arthritis. These include investigating circulating markers of central sensitization in knee osteoarthritis, and a collaboration with the OA Trial Bank to identify placebo responders and predictors of response to osteoarthritis treatment using individual patient data.

Joanne is also the Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) lead for the BRC Musculoskeletal theme and teaches on the BMedSci Patient and Public Involvement in Research module.

Read more about Joanne’s research background and interests.

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