Biomarkers and Joint Pain in Military Osteoarthritis (BioMilOA)

Funded by Versus Arthritis

ADVANCE Chief Investigator: Group Captain Prof Alex Bennett.

Principal Investigator: Associate Prof Stefan Kluzek

Study Team Members: Prof Ana Valdes
                                         Dr Joanne Stocks
                                         Major Dr Oliver O’Sullivan

The ADVANCE study is a 20-year cohort study following 600 combat casualties and 600 matched non-exposed participants who are matched by age service length, rank deployment and combat role. 

Osteoarthritis can be more common both in military people and in people who have been exposed to trauma and the Bio-Mil-OA study uses X-rays and blood tests from ADVANCE participants to investigate biomarkers and osteoarthritis.

The aim is to understand how changes in X-rays and blood tests can help us understand the progression of osteoarthritis and see if any of the markers can predict joint changes. We hope to find specific markers in blood that could be used to identify changes in the joints before they become an issue.

Start Date: October 2021

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