Cardiovascular Research

As a post-doctoral research fellow at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Cardiovascular Research Centre I researched cardiac stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, focusing on the dedifferentiation of adult cardiomyocytes and the protective paracrine effects of cardiac progenitor cells on cultured adult myocytes. A summary of this work can be found here.

I also collaborated with other departments including those in the Translational Molecular Imaging Institute.

van S, Vucic E, Koole R, Zhou Y, Stocks J, Cormode D, Tang C, Gordon R, Nicolay K, Meijerink A, Fayad Z, Mulder W. Improved biocompatibility and pharmacokinetics of silica nanoparticles by means of a lipid coating: a multimodality investigation. Nano Lett. 2008 Aug 1;8(8):2517–25. [PubMed] [PDF]

Selected Conference Abstracts

American Heart Association Conference 2008

Abstract 5341: Spatial Heterogeneity Of The Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Underlying Arrhythmias In Pressure Overload Hypertrophy Hongwei Jin, Elie R Chemaly, Alex Lyon, Joanne Stocks, and Fadi G Akar Circulation. 2008; 118:S_531 [HTML]

American Heart Association Conference 2008

beta-Arrestin 1 (bArr1) and Ankyrin 2 (ANK2) Regulate Cav1. 2 Trafficking through Complex G Protein Mediated Signaling Maria A Diverse-Pierluissi, Rachele Lipsky, Akil A Puckerin, Joanne Stocks, Vivek Patel, Fadi G Akar Circulation. 2008; 118:S_524[PDF]

Heart Failure Society of America – 12th Annual Scientific Meeting

KChIP2 Attenuates Cardiac Hypertrophy through Regulation of Ito. Hongwei Jin, Joanne Stocks, Roger Hajjar, Djamel Lebeche Journal of Cardiac Failure (2008) 14 (6), S57 [PDF]