Comparing Self-Reported Running Data with Fitness Watches

Comparing Self Reported Running Distance and Pace With Commercial Fitness Watch Data Journal Paper Screen Shot

Our first paper from the Running Through study comparing the reliability of self-reported running distance and pace with commercial fitness watch data has been published in this month’s JMIR Forumlative Research.

Our study with co-first author Dr Garrett Bullock from USA’s Wake Forest School of Medicine compared running data from the commercial fitness watches of 485 recreational runners with their self-reported distance and running pace.

The runners were prospectively followed for 3602 participant weeks and there was good reliability for running pace across sex and ages, with younger runners reported improved weekly distance reliability.

Our analysis suggests that weekly self-reporting of running distance and pace demonstrated good reliability in comparison to commercial fitness watches

This publication is part of a collection of studies as part of the Running Through study investigating running members of the community with data collected during all stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.  A PDF of the article can be downloaded here.

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