Joanne Stocks receiving her prize from Nottingham BRC Director Joanne Stocks

Nottm BRC Conference 2022 Poster Prize

Joanne Stocks with 2022 Nottingham BRC Conference prize winning poster
Nottm BRC Conference 2022 Poster Prize 1

Honoured to win a poster prize at today’s NIHR Nottingham BRC conference for our Running Through research. We reported on NSAIDs use by recreational runners to manage joint pain, and the impact of Covid-19 on runners.

Nottm BRC Conference 2022 Poster Prize 3
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Nottm BRC Conference 2022 Poster Prize 4
Nottm BRC Conference 2022 Poster Prize 5

I also presented my PGCHE study results on the training of basic science PhD students to include PPI in their research. Thanks to the PPI collaborators I interviewed for the project and also the University of Birmingham Rheumatology Research team who developed the Student Patient Alliance PPI Buddy Scheme.

I attempted to make my poster accessible poster by including a QR code to an accessible online version of the poster. I also incorporated an MP3 module and button so people could listen to me giving a one-minute summary of the poster.

Thanks to my dad for creating a frame to include the MP3 module & button & Andy Wragg for helping me put it all together.

PPI Buddy Scheme Poster. Click image to be taken to accessible version.
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BRC 2022 Poster Prize winner Joanne Stocks standing by her poster