OARSI Congress 2019 Details

OARSI 2019 Oral Presentation

I am pleased to announce that my abstract ‘Identifying predictors of placebo response in osteoarthritis clinical trials of three agents with different routes of delivery: A meta-analysis using individual patient data’ has been accepted as an oral presentation at the 2019 World Congress of Osteoarthritis (OARSI) in Toronto.

I hope everyone attending is able to stay until the final day to hear me share findings of my research carried out in conjunction with OA Trial Bank. The presentation will be delivered during the Clinical Trials Session – 2020 OA Vision: Emerging Therapeutics on the OA Landscape.

*UPDATE* I have been informed that the abstract of this work has been selected for the OARSI 2019 abstract award in the category “Therapy”.

OARSI 2019 abstract notification

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