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Efficacy of exercise therapy in knee and hip osteoarthritis

Screen shot of abstract comparing different exercise therapy for osteoarthritis

Pleased to share my latest systematic review & meta-analysis with first author Dr. Siew-Li Goh 'Efficacy and potential determinants of exercise therapy in knee & hip osteoarthritis' is published today.

We found in this study that in people with knee or hip osteoarthritis 8 weeks of exercise can have moderate but significant benefits for pain and function. However, these benefits then gradually decrease, to be no better than usual care at 9-18 months.

It is available to read free as open access in Annals of Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine.

The paper is part of Siew-Li Goh's PhD studies Relative efficacy of different types of exercise in the treatment of knee and hip osteoarthritis' which has also included a network meta-analysis of the Relative Efficacy of Different Exercises for Pain, Function, Performance & Quality of Life in Knee & Hip Osteoarthritis.

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