Joanne Stocks giving oral presentation at OARSI 2019

OARSI World Congress 2019

OARSI World Congress

Toronto, Canada

2-5 May 2019 

Enjoyed attending my first OARSI world congress earlier this month. Highlights included attending the inaugural Sport, Exercise & Physical Activity & Osteoarthritis Prevention Special Interest Group discussion group meeting and catching up again with Dr Koji Aso from Kochi University, Nankoku, Japan, who spent last year working with us at the University of Nottingham Pain Centre as a visiting research clinician. 
Both Koji and I were fortunate to be awarded highest rated abstracts for our respective abstracts. Koji in the ‘Pain’ category for his research on the contribution of sensory nerves within osteochondral channels to pain in human and rat knee osteoarthritis. Whilst I was awarded the ‘Therapy‘ award for my IPD meta-analysis ‘Identifying predictors of placebo response in osteoarthritis clinical trials of three agents with different routes of delivery’.
Looking forward to next year’s OARSI 2020 World Congress, April 30- May 3, 2020, in Vienna, Austria.

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