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How to Beat…Pain – Channel 4

August last year, I was asked by the producers of a new Channel 4 series to suggest some simple lifestyle changes which people with pain could try to manage their symptoms.

Based on some of my recent research on the benefits of different types of exercise and sleep, I came up with some suggestions, along with my colleague David Walsh, for those with musculoskeletal conditions, whilst Dr Jessica Briscoe from the National Migraine Centre joined us to give advice to those who suffered from migraines. 

Nine volunteers took part, each who were living with a different form of pain and were allocated a different intervention to try for 6-weeks.

The program was all filmed before lockdown, but due to Covid-19 the planned broadcast date had to be moved from its original date with the other programs in the How to Beat… series. However, I am pleased to let you know the program, How to Beat…Pain, is finally scheduled to be broadcast on Tuesday 11th August at 8pm on Channel 4.

How to Beat...Pain volunteers and presenters
Ep3.  (From left to right) Freya, June, Liam, Henrietta,  Jacqui, Mike, Roo, Erin, Asif, Kate Quilton and Dr Javid Abdelmoneim.

Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers for participating in the program, the presenters Kate Quinton and Dr Javid Abdelmoneim, and for everyone at Love Productions and Channel 4 for making a program about pain and inviting me to be involved. It’s great to carry out academic research, but the findings aren’t much use unless we can share them with the public and patients who gain the most benefit and for whom it will have the most impact.

I’m not allowed to share how the volunteers got on yet, so I encourage you to watch this week. Feel free to comment below with your thoughts after watching the program or tweet during the programs with #HowToBeatPain

Scheduled broadcasts
Tuesday 11th August at 8pm on Channel 4
Tuesday 11th August at 9pm on Channel 4+1
Wednesday 12th August at 8pm on 4seven
Friday 14th August at 1:15am on 4seven


How to Beat Pain Experts and Presenters (From left to right) Dr Javid Abdelmoneim, Prof David Walsh, Dr Joanne Stocks, Dr Jessica Briscoe and Kate Quilton.
Ep3.  (From left to right) Dr Javid Abdelmoneim, Prof David Walsh, Dr Joanne Stocks, Dr Jessica Briscoe and Kate Quilton.

1 thought on “How to Beat…Pain – Channel 4

  1. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the programme about pain management last night.

    All of those activities, plus more, have helped to keep me active since I was diagnosed in my 30s with Osteoarthritis. I still do Tai Chi and lots of walking and have created myself a good and bad list of foods that suit or don’t suit me. Acupuncture was by far the best, when it was given on the National Health but after it was stopped I had to pay and can only afford to use it , when desperate. To work well,without painkillers, I had it twice a week. When it was stopped it took 2 weeks for the pain to re emerge. I really miss that wonderful pain free feeling that acupuncture have me.

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